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Security Products

Security Products

Sisas specialise in vehicle and pedestrian access control systems, our products range from our crash tested Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions to our parking barriers.

Our products include road blockers, sliding gates, bollards, rising arm barriers & turnstiles with a variety of security levels from controlling access to parking spaces, to PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM 2656-07 impact tested barriers systems protecting critical infrastructure from a vehicle borne terrorist attack.

Continuous investment in our product development, testing and quality systems ensure that our products are durable and built to withstand today’s ever changing security environment.


Our vehicle control barriers, provide a wide range of security and access control levels; our PAS 68 impact tested vehicle security barriers protect critical infrastructure from hostile vehicle intent, at the highest levels.

Road Blockers

Road Blockers are the ultimate deterrent to unauthorised vehicles entering a site. They are formidable visually and their robust and heavy duty structure provides a durable and reliable means of controlling vehicles into a secure area



Our range of gates include automated and manual gates, they can be customised to suit site requirements and are an ideal solution for both vehicle & pedestrian access control. From high security PAS 68 impact rated.


Our Security Bollards are designed to provide a high level of security and have all been PAS 68 or IWA 14-1 impact tested. They are hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that protect roadways or perimeters from a vehicle with hostile intent whilst still enabling pedestrians free movement.


Turnstile Pedestrian Barrier Systems

Avon Turnstile Systems ideal for securing pedestrian entrance ways against unauthorised access. The full height pedestrian turnstile barriers will provide additional security and enhance any unguarded pedestrian entrance to a site.


Crash Tested HVM Products

Our range of high security impact tested security barriers, road blockers, gates and bollards have been designed and tested to withstand a hostile vehicle attack and are certified to the globally recognised standards IWA 14-1, BSi PAS 68 & ASTM 2656-07.